Something Nue Coming!

A few months ago while I was driving away from downtown Corpus Christi I noticed that a large building that has been sitting vacant for awhile had some activity going on inside.  If you are from this area no doubt you know it–its the old car dealership on Water Street with the white curved walls and pink and blue palm trees emblazoned on the sides.

I kept watching and over the last few months there has been a flurry of workers in and around the building.  Being that we at Hacienda are interested in all things new going on around South Texas, I tracked down the information for the developers and to our excitement we found out that Corpus Christi has a new craft brewery coming online in 2019.

One of the owners, Brandon Harper, met me onsite to tell me all about the Nueces Brewing Company.  The first question I asked Brandon if he was an avid home brewer, in my mind a natural pre-requisite for opening a craft brewery.  He laughed and said that his business parter, Cale Moore, was the home brewer, he was more of a home drinker.

Over the next half hour or so Brandon told me about his back story and their plans for the new business.  If I’m being completely honest I’d tell you that my first impression of Brandon was that he could double as the brewery’s bouncer.  Brandon is a tall man with a red beard and a significant presence.  This is definitely a lesson about not judging a book by its cover, though, because as we talked it became obvious that Brandon is a sharp entrepreneur who has had extensive experience opening and managing various successful companies.  At an entrepreneur’s core is most definitely the ability to visualize “what could be” and that’s exactly what Cale and Brandon are doing.  Brandon said they had the vision for the brewery, they saw the need, they ran the numbers and it all checked out so they are now boldly moving forward and the Coastal Bend is going to benefit.

The brewery will have three main areas.  The front part of the building that faces Water Street will be the main seating area filled with casual picnic tables and a significant bar area.  Immediately off that room will be an outside deck with a view of the water and running room for the kids.  The final room will be where all the magic happens–the room that will hold all the beer tanks.  While it will be closed to traffic, they plan to offer regular tours to the public.

Brandon and Cale have a long-term vision for the Nueces Brewing Company.  Their aim is to make great beer that is appreciated by people just like them all around the Coastal Bend.  They plan to produce a Mexican Lager as the cornerstone of the brewery and their goal is to create a brand that will eventually be distributed statewide.  Talking to Brandon, I believe it can happen.  Keep an eye on the Nueces Brewing Company.  They plan to open in the late spring of 2019 and when they do, we’ll be there to celebrate with them.

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