Favorite Things

One of the things we at Hacienda have noticed recently is that more and more out of state transplants are making their way to our region.  Some are being brought here by jobs and some are choosing our little piece of paradise for the smaller size, lack of traffic congestion, access to some beautiful natural resources and terrific cost of living.

One of the great things about having a city of transplants is that they each bring their experiences and perspectives.  The other day I was lucky enough to attend a gathering of one of these transplants.  She and her family have been in Corpus Christi for two years.  She had family in South Texas and her husband is an independent software programmer who can work from anywhere who also happens to be avid kiteboarder.  The combination of all these elements brought them to Corpus Christi and with them they brought all their experiences and traditions from the east coast.

One of those traditions was a “Favorite Things” party.  The idea is to gather a group of friends to get together to share one of their most favorite things.  In an effort to keep it affordable this party had a cap of $8 per item.  Each person who attended had to come up with one item that they could say was their “most favorite thing” and then bring five of them to the party unwrapped.

They were all placed on the table and after some noshing everyone had a turn to “present” their item to the group and share why they selected this item as their most favorite.  Then after everyone had a turn to share about their little nugget the items were all returned to the table.  A few decks of cards were broken out and everyone drew a card to get their placement at the starting gate.  To be honest, I didn’t really completely understand how your placement was determined but I can tell you it was a ton of fun.  Whenever you gather a group of 20+ women who are all vying after some seriously favorite things hilarity ensues.

Some local items made their way on to the table: honey from a bee farm outside of Beeville, Texas (hahahaha) carried by Eleanor’s, some air plants purchased at Wildflowers, and some handmade macrame plant holders by a local artist.  Not only did we share a physical item that was our most favorite, we also shared our most favorite local hidden gem, our most favorite date night location and our most favorite local restaurant.  You can bet all this talk about our most favorite local things made our Hacienda Hearts flutter. 

Our sincere thanks to this transplant who has brought this fun idea.  Feel free to recreate it with your friends as a birthday celebration, a “just because” gathering or put your own unique spin on it.  New people sharing new traditions are one of our most favorite things.

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