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Kingsville Day Trip

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I found myself with a house full of out-of-town guests from Atlanta, Georgia.  While many aspects of South Texas remain unknown to those outside its umbrella, there is one thing that many people have heard of: the world-famous King Ranch.  As a good tour guide would do, we set out for […]

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All the Things at Peppermint Lane

As you sit around this Thanksgiving Day enjoying family and overindulging ask anyone around the table if they remember Peppermint Lane in Downtown Corpus Christi.  Apparently back in the late 60’s there was a celebration known as “Peppermint Lane” on Chaparral Street.  The gathering was organized as an effort by the Central Business District Association […]

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South Texas Bucket List: Elder’s Country Store

If you’ve driven through Beeville, Texas in the last 36 years you’ve more than likely seen Elder’s Country Market, casually located at the intersection of Washington and Saint Mary’s Street.  John Elder is the original Elder behind the store and he took over ownership in 1961 after a life-long experience in the grocery and butcher business.  Mr. […]

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